We deliver affordable clinical

trials with quality and speed

RUSSLAN Clinical Research is an independent European clinical trial management organisation offering a range of clinical research services to worldwide clients in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device industries.

We operate in both established (the United Kingdom and Ireland) and emerging clinical trial regions focussing on Russia, Ukraine, other countries of the former Soviet Union (e.g. Belarus, Georgia, Moldova) and the Baltic states of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, and provide access to one of the most diverse and available patient populations in the world.

Placing clinical trials in our Eastern European countries of operation allows RUSSLAN Clinical Research to achieve significant cost savings for our clients. Fast and large-scale patient recruitment is another important advantage. To ensure excellent quality of our Eastern European trials, we carefully select sites and investigators able to work to the highest quality standards with full ICH GCP compliance under close supervision of our British clinical research experts.

We enjoy long-standing relationships with a number of quality sites in Russia, Ukraine, and other CIS countries and in the Baltic States working in all main therapeutic areas, all with a strong track record of independent and industry-sponsored clinical research. In the United Kingdom and Ireland, RUSSLAN Clinical Research co-operates with a network of independent and university-based clinical trial units and has access to considerable clinical research talent and expertise of leading academic centres.

RUSSLAN Clinical Research provides client-tailored services. We are always prepared to adjust our system and procedures to the requirements of virtual, small and medium-sized biotech and biopharma sponsors or larger pharma companies. We take a proactive role in the management of our projects based on intensive communication with our sponsors and joint commitment to success and always take responsibility for delivering clinical trials to agreed timeframes and within agreed budgets.

We offer affordable clinical trials solutions delivered with quality and speed!

Please contact RUSSLAN Clinical Research for FREE feasibility assessment of clinical trials that could be placed in Eastern Europe (Russia, Ukraine and other CIS countries, Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia) and Western Europe (The UK and Ireland).