We provide specialist services for

Biotechnology and

Biopharmaceutical companies


RUSSLAN Clinical Research recognizes the important role played by biotechnology and biopharmaceutical companies in the development of innovative pharmaceutical compounds. We also understand that today many biotech companies aim to remain independent players and conduct their own drug development programmes. However, starting a costly clinical trial often means a serious financial risk for the biotech sponsors, and here at RUSSLAN we are fully aware how important is for our biotech partners to conduct independent clinical trials in an optimised, fast and cost-effective fashion.

We understand the needs of small and medium-sized biotech companies

Our clinical trial services aimed at biotech companies are based on our understanding the needs of the biotechnology industry. We can provide expert consulting services to our biotech clients assisting them in designing optimised research protocols, planning effective clinical development programmes and conducting all phases of clinical trials in the most cost-effective fashion. Our experienced consultants include drug development specialists, experts in medical affairs and highly experienced biostatisticians who will work in close collaboration with our clients providing support in all aspects of clinical drug development.

When dealing with RUSSLAN, our biotech clients can be reassured that we are always accessible for intensive communication and consultations, we are responsive and maximally flexible and always aim to find and deliver cost-effective and time-efficient client-tailored solutions.