For pharmaceutical companies, Russia

is not only a very good place for

clinical trials, but also an important

rapidly growing market for their products

Clinical Trials in Russia

RUSSLAN Clinical Research is delighted to offer our clients an opportunity to place their clinical trials in the Russian Federation.

Russia is the most populated European country (population – 144 mln) with 12 cities having more than 1 mln citizens (Moscow known as “the world's billionaire capital” is the most populous city in Europe with estimated population of 15 mln people, St Petersburg, the cultural capital of Russia, has the population of 5 mln people). The sheer presence of a huge potential clinical trial population makes Russia an excellent location for clinical trials.

Very centralised healthcare system with high concentration of patients in large tertiary centres and specialised hospitals is ideal for clinical trial recruitment. Overall, there are almost 10,000 hospitals in Russia with high number of physicians (4.4) per 1000 of population. As a result, over the last few years, very high clinical trial site productivity rates have been observed in Russia (up to 10 times higher than in the US or the EU).

Typically Russian patients are keen to take part in clinical trials and compliant with study protocols. Patient recruitment in Russia is fast and drop-out rates are low.

The quality of clinical trial data acquired in Russia is very good. As confirmed by results of FDA inspections, Russia has one of the most favourable quality profiles among all European countries.

Another important factor for pharmaceutical and device companies to choose Russia as a destination for their clinical trials is the spectacular growth of the Russian economy in recent years. Today Russia is one of the fastest growing world markets for pharmaceutical products and medical devices.

Russia is an excellent place for large-scale fast patient recruitment into clinical trials in all major therapeutic areas.