In the last few years the Ukraine

has emerged as a new, prime

destination for clinical trials in Europe

Clinical Trials in Ukraine

RUSSLAN Clinical Research is delighted to offer our clients an opportunity to place their clinical trials in Ukraine.

The Ukraine is the 2nd most populated country of the former Soviet Union and the 5th most populated country of Europe (population – 47 mln people) with 6 cities having population of over 1 mln inhabitants (the population of the capital city Kiev is over 3 mln people, Kharkov has the population of 1.5 mln).

Before 1990, not much international clinical research activities were happening in Ukraine, but since the breakdown of the USSR, there has been over 900 international trials conducted in this Eastern European country. Today, the Ukraine provides more than 20,000 research patients p.a. and these numbers are almost doubling every new year.

As in Russia, the healthcare system is highly centralised with a large number of physicians (4.6) per 1000 of population. However, the incidence and prevalence of all major diseases remains high and treatment-naïve patients are unfortunately not a rarity. Typically patients are eager to take part in clinical trials, and there are no problems with fast and easy patient recruitment in all major therapeutic areas.

Cost savings achievable in Ukraine are very substantial. Currently, the Ukraine has one of the most favourable cost characteristics in Europe in the field of clinical research, which together with large available patient population, highly centralised healthcare system and motivated investigators, makes it an ideal location for international clinical trials.